August 17, 2011

I'm back...

Miss me? Apparently there is a big problem with spam blogs out there. You know those junky websites that you land on and think to yourself, "what is this? how did I get here? and how do I get OUT of here as fast I can?" Happy Habitat was cloned to look like a legitimate website/blog, but then the spammers added a bunch of inappropriate junk to it. It's a bit foreign to me, but what I do know is that Blogger shut down Happy Habitat until they could verify that it was the original and not one of the spam sites. Frustrating.

The good news is that while I wasn't busy blogging, I was busy getting ready to open my shop. One step at a time, but I have a mountain of items in my head that I'm excited about. Everything in the shop is inspired by geometric patterns from around the world, such as: Moroccan fretwork, Indian jali work and Spanish tiles.  Here's a peek of some of the patterns I've been working on:

PS- If you look closely, things are a bit out of whack on the Happy Habitat site. Please excuse the site construction while I work to get my shop up and things back in order. 

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