March 26, 2013

Patterned Cookies!

Happy Habitat patterned cookies heading out to one of my favorite sellers!
How cute are these!? Thank you Swoon Cookie Crafters for the adorable Happy Habitat Eco Throw COOKIES.

March 16, 2013

NEW 2013 Happy Habitat Eco Throws!

Oh boy! They are here and ready to go. Brand-spanking-new recycled cotton blankets designed by yours truly. Knitted here in the USA. Bright and bold and fresh for the taking.

I've never been more excited and more proud of my new designs. This whole group makes me giddy!

Up first we have Misaki (named after my 'beautiful blossom'). She comes in 2 color ways.

Bubble Gum & Coral:

And Misaki in Teal & Marine:

And introducing KENICHI (named after my 'healthy newborn son'). He also comes in 2 color ways:


And Kenichi in Parlor:

Andalusia is straight from sunny, southern Spain:
She also comes in Cerulean and Marine.

Alhambra is quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth, so had to include a designed inspired by that magical place:

Good ole Pez also got some new and updated color ways. Pez in Circus has been updated to a brighter yellow. This is a favorite of mine!

And the new Pez in 'Party':

Some classic patterns also got updates in design and colors. To see all the new 2013 collection, check out the online flip catalog HERE or see them in the SHOP.

feeling sluggish

Anyone else having a hard time with the daylight savings change? I thought I usually felt a surge of spring and that helped get me over the hump of losing time and waking up in the dark. Well, I'm not feeling it, and it's making me need some extra of my favorite pick-me-up. And that has me dreaming of spaces like this:

How wonderful to have your own built in Espresso Machine. Heaven. You might not need a dose of espresso with those YELLOW cabinets--- those are sure to wake you up!

Although, I kind of wonder if it would be better just to have the huge mac daddy sitting out on a counter in all it's glory like this:

Curse you Martha Stewart and your gorgeous professional espresso machine and crazy-awesome grey cabinets. Maybe if I got this I could pay it off by opening my doors and selling drinks?

I guess if I was really desperate, I could always install one of these guys:

Seriously? This is a built-in espresso maker in a Fiat. Isn't that hilarious!?

March 04, 2013

happy habitat is 2 (and there are presents!)

Big things happening here at Happy Habitat. 2 years ago I started this blog not knowing where it would take me. Not a clue. I was laid off from my job of 11 years and felt like I had been given a fresh start. I had worked in Human Resources for an advertising agency and while I was in a creative environment which I enjoyed, it wasn't my destiny. Not finding part time work and not knowing what else to do, I started this blog, thinking it was a step in the right direction. It was free and was a good learning experience to get it up and running. I was fascinated that anything I didn't know how to do, I could find on the internet, I felt like the world was at my fingertips-- ready for the taking and if nothing else, I would have my own little catalog of pretty things and decorating ideas.

Reaching for my core desires, I started playing with Moroccan patterns that I had filed away in my memory from a visit to southern Spain--- all those pretty Moorish patterned tiles I had taken photos of came back out. And then came the quest for a Moroccan patterned throw. I wanted one for myself, but I was broke, and didn't have money to spend, being that I hadn't had a job in over a year. And even if I had the money to spend, I couldn't find the perfect throw. So I thought I should make one (that's normal, right?) After many trials of throws that were too itchy, or too thick, or too thin, I came across recycled cotton and knew it was meant to be: good for the environment and soft and a perfect weight. One thing led to another, and the next thing you know I'm investing in 4 patterned throws and hoping that I would make my money back on those 4 throws by selling them and maybe some more. After a partnership with, I was on my way. Future partnerships with Joss & Main and One Kings Lane sealed the deal. I'm officially in business and loving every minute of it. My brain constantly swirls with new patterns and color combinations, and luckily I can try those out whenever I'm in the mood (or have the time-- I am trying to pull this off while taking care of 2 kids!)

I have lots of goals for this year and one of those goals is for Happy Habitat to have it's own domain, and I can now check that one off the list. What that means is that Happy Habitat can be found at instead of I know--- you are thinking "sooooo?" Well this is a big deal people! Really.... no more, no more 'ahappyhabitat' the web address actually matches my company name. Happy Habitat is legit!

And now let's get to the PRESENTS!

Yes-- there are GIFTS for YOU!

30% off Eco Throws through Friday!
just use the code HAPPYNUMBER2 when checking out to receive your discount.

Happy Birthday Happy Habitat!

i spy: happy habitat eco throws

Happy Habitat Eco Throws have been showing up in some pretty amazing places! Most notably in these 2 adorable kids rooms. I love the mix of colors in their daughter's playroom on Young House Love:
modern graphic eco blanket

And Greta's Big Girl room from Chris Loves Julia is so refined, but fun:
modern pattern eco blanket
Pez has been hogging the spotlight big time in lots of great magazines:
to & from magazine
modern eco pillows
Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine
Adore Home Magazine
modern geometric eco blankets
Design Sponge

Speaking of Pez--- I just made a new colorway of Pez, calling this one "Party":
modern happy habitat eco blanket
Also brought back an oldie--- Pez in 'Circus'. The yellow is a bit brighter than before. This is an all time fave of mine!

Find 'em in the shop!

More brand-spanking-new patterns and colors coming soon! Follow Happy Habitat on Instagram to see sneak peeks.