September 28, 2012

Newburg Green! (but really blue, greyish blue)

The boy said he wanted his room to be blue and turquoise (turquoise being his favorite color), so I thought navy and turquoise would be a good combination. Adding grey in as I scored a great rug and thought it would be a good neutral with the turquoise and navy. I don't love that classic navy blue so much, and knew it would end up looking too bright and generic in his room, so I wanted something a little off. My friend Amy painted a room in her house a gorgeous grayish blue, with a tint of green. Not so much green, but it's on the greener side as opposed to the reddish or royalish side. It's also a tad bit lighter than a deep, navy. Its called Newburg Green from the West Elm Benjamin Moore collection. Odd that it's called green as it is definitely more blue than green. In some photos it looks almost deep teal, in others blue. At Amy's house, it's definitely blue, but changes depending on the shadows and time of day. Gorgeous, isn't it?

Here it is up on the wall-- looks really blue here. I think it's going to be very cocoon-y!

September 22, 2012

iPhone 5 cases are in the HOUSE!

We've got you covered if you are one of those lucky ones to get a new iPhone 5! Choose your colors, pattern and initial or monogram for your iPhone 5 (or 4 or 3 or iPod touch).  Don't like what you see? Talk to me--- I'll see if I can customize something for you!

Here's some new ones that just went out:

Ombre Personalized iPhone 5 Case
Personalized Quatrefoil iPhone 5 CasePersonalized Monogram iPhone 5 Case

Love the brown and orange for fall! And the custom ombre chevron in blues turned out pretty cool! 

Get 'em in the shop.

September 19, 2012

Cool Office Supplies/Desk Accessories

I've been on the hunt for some cool offices supplies. For my 7 year old. Have I lost it? Maybe a little. He's a typical 7 year old-- totally messy, not organized. I've been telling him for 4 years now to hang his backpack on the hook, where to put his school papers, etc. He still doesn't get it. So as a mom of a boy, I feel it's my job to set my son up to be an organized, neat and clean man. Now that he has homework, I'm thinking school work will be easier if he knows where he put it, less stressful running around trying to find things last minute. And someday his wife will thank me. So with the great room re-do coming up, I thought I'd pull in a desk that we already have, and thought I should include some cool office supplies for his desk. Besides-- for some reason he's always stealing my tape. As for the stapler-- is it dangerous to give a 7 year old a stapler?

For the boys room (okay, maybe not the gold pencils). 
Sources: Cool File Folder: Mudpuppy, Modern Tape Dispenser and Stapler: Poppin, Waves File Folder: PaperSource , Greek Key Pencils: Iomoi, Ikat Chevron Magnet Clips: See Jane Work

So moving on to my office, I really love this: 

From Iomoi

And go with some beautiful brass accessories. But for $158 for just a tape dispenser, that's not going to happen. So I like the yellow version since my office is working on being grey and yellow.

Mama's Office
Sources: Patterned Pencils: Ioimoi, Yellow Tape Dispenser and Stapler: Poppin, Ikat Magnet Clips: See Jane Work, Flowers File Folders: Galison.

This round up wouldn't be complete without this honorable mention: 

These seemed to appropriately go together. The "Butt Station": Amazon, Crap Files: PaperSource

September 07, 2012

Mixing Patterns

I'm working on the great Reece Room Re-do and I want to mix some bold patterns. I already got the chevron charcoal rug, and am working off that. I did some searching and found some good inspiration. I think the key is to have varying sized patterns-- and maybe a mix of patterns, like something soft like a floral, a stripe, and a geometric. I will probably be mixing all geometrics, so I need to figure out scale and how color incorporates. I don't want to match all the colors up, but I think one element should have the 3 colors I'm using- turquoise, grey and navy (that dark, saturated greenish navy!) Then mix sizes and colors from there. Instead of a floral, I do need something soft so that all the patterns aren't stiff and straight. Maybe I'll do a circle pattern, or soften the lines somehow of one of the patterns, maybe some block printing to loosen things up.

Navy- check, Mixed Pattterns- check. Needs more color.
Same- as above, like the navy and the mixed patterns, but need to add the grey and turquoise.
Love this! Navy blue walls that I'll be doing- and great mix of patterns. Just need more color. Beautifully done.

Great palette here. Floral and geometric. And love that great throw! Obviously not what I'll be doing in the boys room, but good example of mixing patterns. I want this room for me!
Wow, a lot happening on this bed (not to mention the patterned rug and shoes and bench!)  This is a good lesson in scale and organic shapes mixed with geometric. 
A little too light and airy for the boys room, but good example of mixed colors and patterns. Substitute the coral for turquoise here and reverse the lights and darks, and we're on!