August 29, 2013

Martha Stewart American Made + Happy Habitat

Have you guys heard of the Martha Stewart American Made Contest? I came across it online, and thought 'why not?' And then coincidentally, I got invited to the American Made Minneapolis Meet Up at Forage Modern Workshop--- a killer shop that carries my eco throws. My family was planning a vacation to St. Louis for that week, so we instead moved our family getaway to Minneapolis. I got a chance to meet the kind and cool folks at Forage and also met the Martha Stewart American Made editors-- both so genuine and sincere in their interest of being there. I listened to a heartfelt toast that celebrated the local designers and inspired us by learning of Martha Stewart's humble beginnings as a caterer. The whole thing was so cool. To think that Martha's empire is stripping down business right to the core. A single person. A maker. And celebrating what we can create right here on our own turf. It is so invigorating to be a part of this movement.

SOOOOO--- I would love your vote. Happy Habitat Eco Throws are made here in the USA. Designed and sold by myself-- an American living the dream. The Audience Choice winner takes home $10,000 and a trip to New York to attend the American Made Workshop and a feature in This would be SO BIG for me-- it could mean a chance to go to the New York International Gift Fair where I would have the opportutnity to show off my product to buyers and press from around the world. If you've ever held an Eco Throw in your hands, you get it. They look good in photographs definitely, but they really feel good- so getting my product in the hands of so many people would be unreal.

To nominate myself, I had to include 6 photos, so this kicked my butt in gear to do a photo session. The photos are AMAZING. I had ideas in my head of what the photographs should look like, but was completely blown away when I actually saw the end result. Heather Morrow-- you are MAGIC. This was so much fun! And I can't wait to do it again because good photographs make a big difference. More to share on the photos, but for now,  to see the 6 we chose for American Made, head over there and while you are at it, VOTE for Happy Habitat. Please. Pretty pretty please!? After you vote, check out the nominees-- I've never seen so much talent in one place. Very inspiring indeed.

Here's one of my favorites...
modern eco geometric blanket
photo by Heather Morrow

August 26, 2013

hmong textiles

Oh hello. You're still there? That's nice. Thanks for sticking around while I've been MIA. Mama duties called towards the end of summer. Lots of soccer, baseball, hitting the pool. Barely keeping my head above water, but I somehow made it through summer.

Lots of inspiration this summer-- and here's one that I can't stop thinking about. Hmong textiles. So bright and cheerful. Somehow I totally missed this whole thing when I visited Thailand-- as there is a large population of Hmong there. Hmong people are also from the mountainous regions of China, Laos and Vietnam. In case you were wondering.

Hmong textiles use batik, block print and lots of embroidery for a good ethnic mix. I'm so inspired by the indigo blue with pink and orange that Amber uses a lot and sells in her shoppe:

These colors together are gorgeous:

Hmong Christmas Stockings? Sure, why not.

I am foreseeing a hmong inspired throw coming soon!