August 26, 2013

hmong textiles

Oh hello. You're still there? That's nice. Thanks for sticking around while I've been MIA. Mama duties called towards the end of summer. Lots of soccer, baseball, hitting the pool. Barely keeping my head above water, but I somehow made it through summer.

Lots of inspiration this summer-- and here's one that I can't stop thinking about. Hmong textiles. So bright and cheerful. Somehow I totally missed this whole thing when I visited Thailand-- as there is a large population of Hmong there. Hmong people are also from the mountainous regions of China, Laos and Vietnam. In case you were wondering.

Hmong textiles use batik, block print and lots of embroidery for a good ethnic mix. I'm so inspired by the indigo blue with pink and orange that Amber uses a lot and sells in her shoppe:

These colors together are gorgeous:

Hmong Christmas Stockings? Sure, why not.

I am foreseeing a hmong inspired throw coming soon!

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