July 31, 2012

Rainbow Rooms

I'm so happy to have my first Guest Writer here at Happy Habitat: Design Shuffle. They totally get me and my love for color. Check it out:

 Hello, Joanna here. I'm a writer for Design Shuffle, a terrific website and blog featuring interior designer portfolios and tons of decorating ideas and inspiration for design enthusiasts. I love color, and lots of it, so I'm excited to share some of my favorite rainbow-hued spaces with you today. I hope you enjoy!
Rainbow Room
 Love, love, love this room! This is a true rainbow room with its cheery pinks, greens, yellows and blues. The brilliant white furnishings really make all of the colors pop.  

Rainbow Room
This space is the ideal family room with its comfy oversized orange sectional, bright multi-colored floral rug. The white lamp in back of the sofa is quite unique.

Rainbow Room
An enormous living space is dressed in vivid pink, blue and green. The patterns at the windows and on the furniture add interest. I adore the herringbone floors in differing wood tones. Inspired with any decorating ideas?

Rainbow Room
 What a cheery dining space with its colorful walls and mismatched chairs. The pink and gold banquette is especially lovely.
Rainbow Room
Such a pretty room full of pattern, texture and happy hues! The faux mount adds a touch of whimsy to the space.

Rainbow Room
 Who knew hot pink floors could be so attractive? Color blocking is used for a dramatic effect. The high contrast between the yellow and pink adds additional interest to the space.

Rainbow Room
This is such a happy children's room with its multi-hued furnishings and playful elements. The flags overhead are reminiscent of the circus. A brightly-colored light fixture would be perfect here. This room inspires tons of interior design ideas for kids' rooms.

Rainbow Room
 A pretty rainbow palette brightens this charming bathroom. Can't you just imagine soaking in that wonderful clawfoot tub? 

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Which one of these brightly colored rooms is your favorite? If you're looking for more bright colored spaces, check out Design Shuffle to see fantastic room inspiration from top designers!

Thanks for sharing such fun spaces, Joanna! How could you not smile at these rooms!?

July 25, 2012

down under part 2

Have I mentioned that I'm getting a good vibe from Australia? Seems like I'm running into all kinds of great stuff out of Australia. You know I love Inaluxe, I recently discovered the lovely Vivian from Ish & Chi (how cute is she!?), been listening to these guys, I'm a big fan of Anna Spiro from Absolutely Beautiful Things, and the list is not complete without the fabulous online magazine Adore Home. Anyway, lots of strange coincidences with Australia. And thrilled to show you that my throws made it in the August issue of Australia's Real Living Magazine.

Happy Habitat Eco Throw in Real Living Magazine August 2012
See the Zigzag Throw peaking out of the basket?
Proud to paired up with Anna Spiro's beautiful wallpaper!

July 17, 2012

Killer Art found via my new pool bag

I was on the hunt for a great pool bag, as my old one has holes in it, and I think we may have left a trail of Barbie accessories behind us when leaving the pool last time. I'm kind of particular about these kinds of things because I do love to go the pool. The criteria was: must be huge to hold all our towels and stuff, must be wider than it is deeper (otherwise everything gets lost in the bottom), must be mesh or water resistant, must have a shoulder strap, and must not be ugly + bonus points if it was made from recycled materials. 

I stopped in the local drug store at the recommendation of a friend, and found these great bags from Blue Q. They didn't have just I wanted, so I ordered online. I LOVE my new bag. It's HUGE, water resistant, is made from recycled feed bags, and has a great design! 
After further investigation (because you know I had to google it and find out more), I found that Blue Q manufactures these bags, but the original artwork is from designers Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd who are the creative folks behind Inaluxe.  Inaluxe offers their designs in high quality prints, small and large. Love the simplicity of their designs. SO hard to choose which are my faves, but here's a few.
cool, right?
simple perfection.
love love love.
want it!
love this. 
they also have some cool owls
this pattern is called "kiss"- same pattern as my bag
Oh, and back to the pool bag. I forgot to mention how cool it feels. Call me a weirdo, but something about the texture of it feels good, it kind of has a crinkly sound and feel that makes you want to touch it. Is it wrong that I'm totally attracted to my pool bag and can't keep my hands off it?

July 10, 2012

COOL ART: Stina Persson

I happened upon this pretty little number and wanted to know more. After some google investigating, I found out more about the artist: Stina Persson. She's an illustrator out of Stockholm. Her art evokes emotion in me-- a groovy 60s vibe, meets modern day. A somber, but warm nostalgia.

Love these portraits-- some of them seem to fit the sad woman portrait feel that seems to complete a room.

Also love the pretty botanicals:

In case anyone out there wants to buy me my own Stina Persson, 
looks like you get 'em here
I'd prefer a portrait. ;)