May 19, 2012

Happy Habitat Eco Throws Go Down Under

I will refrain from making every over-used phrase about Australia. No shrimp on the barbie, mate, or anything else. I PROMISE. But I did want to share with you this fantastic little e-boutique shop based in Australia that is carrying my Eco Throws-- Adorn Homewares. The shop owner, Joanne is the mother of the lovely Loni Parker, the Editorial Director of Adore Home-- my favorite online mag. It's so bright and colorful and full of inspiration. Joanne's shop has some great finds, and she will ship to the US if you see something you have to have. I sent a huge shipment of Throws months ago and wondered why she didn't get them on her website, then realized that our seaons are oppposite-- they are just now gearing up for winter, as we enter summer. Seems like I'm seeing lots of great designs and inspiration coming from Australia lately! Can't wait to see what's next from both mother and daughter.

Here's some of the patterns and colors that Joanne has in the shop:

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