May 11, 2012

Rainbows and Doors

Does this ever happen to you: you have something on your mind, then you start to see it everywhere- the laws of attraction I suppose. Might be a word, or a name, or a pattern, or finish? Well, I've had doors on my mind, being that mine is in a state of repair-- halfway sanded, wood-filled, but that's as far as I've gotten. And I guess I always have rainbows on my mind, as that color wheel spins in my head non-stop.

So my mind must've been destined to find this:

Isn't this fabulous!? I wish I had a house I could do this to. 

I've been trying to decide how to paint my front door. I did the pscyho-stalker thing and snapped a pic of this door I've had my eye on in my neighborhood:

Cool how it's two toned-- hard to tell from my iPhone/stalker pic, but it's kind of random colors-- like a purplish red, and a softer orangeish red- a bit brighter than appears in the photo. I love it. Not sure if I can pull it off since I have that lame Amittyville Horror half-circle window. Hate that window. Anyhoo-- I'll post if I go for the gusto and try a 2 toned experiment. 

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