January 26, 2013

Teal and Yellow

Don't ask why, but I recently found myself at K Mart. As I was checking out (yes bought something), I spied a tealish-navy diamond-ikatish comforter set. I ran back to look at it and really liked it. I had 2 super cranky kids with me, so we left, but I couldn't stop thinking about it. I wasn't really in the market for a comforter, but my quilt on my bed wasn't quite cutting it, and it was SO drab in my room, I could really use some brightening, and this was cheap. So I bought it. Here it is:

Cute, right? It is a 16 piece set. 16 items people. So that throw, the bolster, all those extra pillows, sheets-- all of that came in the bag. Well-- let me cut to the point here. It sucked. Big time. Seriously cheap. It felt rough, and thin, had to be dry cleaned, and was all lumpy. From far away it looked good, but the thought of sleeping with it just gave me the heebeegeebees. So back it went.

Coincidentally I'm at Target and see Nate Berkus' bedding that's similar AND it was on a price cut, and with my 5% Red Card discount, it ended up being the same price. No, I didn't get a bolster, throw, sheets, etc. It's just 2 shams and a comforter, but I LOVE it. Here she is:

It's way thicker than the cheap-o K Mart one, it feels like a denim fabric. Which I like. It's heavy and warm and that's what I needed. I washed it and although it barely fit in my washer, it worked, and washed up nicely. I think I'm going to pair it with yellow or a mustard yellow. I wasn't in the market for a bedroom re-do... so this is just going to be a mini-refresh. Maybe a little paint on the nightstands. More to come when it all gets put together, but here's a little teal and mustard (or yellow, not sure yet) inspiration for you. And until then the moral of this story is DON'T BUY BEDDING FROM K MART.



January 12, 2013

Triangle Eco Throws (and pillow!)

I'm seeing triangles everywhere I look! I've mentioned the triangle art trend, seeing lots of triangles on some modern quiltsand even used it in my son's room for his bedding.  I love it-- simple- fresh and geometric... you know I love my geometric patterns.

So the Triangle Eco Throw was destined to be born. BEHOLD...

The Gold and Black is definitely my favorite. But I also made it in Marine and Sky Blue:

modern geometric triangle cotton eco blanket
This one kind of has a nautical feel to it-- kind of reminds me of sailboats.
And a softer version in Sky Blue and Pewter:
 And can't go wrong with Black and Pewter:
happy habitat modern cotton eco blanket
Once again-- my personal fave:

happy habitat modern graphic cotton eco blanket
Almost forgot to mention, made a pillow too. Want it?

January 09, 2013

Saarinen Table

I need a new kitchen table. The rigged wooden top on the cheap Pier One scrolly wrought iron base just isn't cutting it any more. It's too big for the space, and for some reason it wobbles now. It's gotta go. In it's place I must have a Saarinen table. Okay, I'll settled for the Ikea version-- the Docksta (hate that name.) Preferably it would be the marble, but like I said, I'll settle for the white top Ikea one. They seem to pair perfectly with a rustic wood chair, like the wishbone chair, like these pretties:

Same idea here, midcentury wood pairs nicely:

 Also love it with the cane and chrome chairs:
Love how you can do modern or traditional with it-- so completely veristile. I like the interesting mix when it's done with something classic. Dying over these pretty floor tiles:
We bought the Docksta for Emily when we spruced up her kitchen nook:
Perfect with the West Elm chairs, right?

Speaking of Emily's house-- how cool is her banquette here? And how fabulous did those pillows and cushions turn out!? I just recovered my chairs with regular upholstery fabric like 2 months ago, and my messy kids have already ruined them. I think I might copy and do the Jessica Jones laminated cotton. Em-- how has it held up?

January 05, 2013

valentine's is coming...