October 08, 2012

cool, modern quilts

I love the idea of quilts... using leftover scraps to make something beautiful. Putting puzzle pieces together to create shapes and designs. And love the feeling of a quilt, all padded and stitched together, and only gets better and softer with each wash. I'm not a huge fan though of old fashioned style quilts. I do have some that my grandmother made that have meaning and are special, but in general, they are a little too, well, 'grandma-ish' for my taste. I'm getting ready to make bedding for Reece's room, and want it to have that cozy feeling. I'm not so good at quilting, the last attempt ended up being a rhombus shape instead of a rectangle. So I think I'm going to quilt the fabric, maybe even kantha stitch it (if I can do it without screwing up!), but just use regular fabric-- my way of cheating. 

Loving these modern quilts:
DYING over this. Perfection.
I'm seeing lots of triangles and hexagons here, and Reece chose a triangle pattern for one side of his bedding:

The flip side or front will be hexagon (his choice):

I need to figure out how to stitch a cool pattern on there. Or maybe do a running kantha style stitch so that you can actually see it. That could take forever though. I'll probably take the easy way out and use the machine. I'm really excited about how well the blue matched up to the color that will be on his wall-- the Newburg Green (it's really blue, not sure why they call it green!). And the turquoise was perfectly matched to some furniture he already has painted that color. I like the idea of custom bedding-- it's been fun to put together, can't wait to see it finished!
Oh-- and I guess I do have a grandma quilt that I LOVE.  It's actually a 'great aunt' quilt. I inherited this from my sweet great aunt Fran. It was actually a skirt, that was already pieced together. I took it apart, and put a back on it, then just put the little thread knots in at the corners to hold the batting and backside together, then stitched it up. Yes-- total cheat, but isn't it great? Each one of these fabrics is fantastic, and I love that it has sentimental value, and got passed down 3 generations.

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  1. Love the great aunt fran quilt! So meaningful and sweet.
    And that quilt in that first picture is so bad ass. I want!


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