October 12, 2012

food for the soul

I was so lucky to visit my beautiful friend Emily last week in Denver. She had me come to help her make some design decisions for her house. She knows what she likes, but needed help putting it together. I think we made some serious progress in 3 days.

We struck out on our mission the first day to find fabric for her banquet that was going to be inspiration for a few other things, so by the end of the day with a case of serious design blue balls (as Emily so appropriately called it), we overdid it at IKEA and broke the golden rule of buying too much at one spot (Target, Crate and Barrel, IKEA, Pottery Barn-- doesn't matter, just limit it). We came home and Emily was not happy.

So we bagged the IKEA pillows, and went out the next day where we scored seriously at West Elm. We had the BEST help from David-- and we could have stayed in that store all day long.

Anyway, I think I'll have to head back for the next stage, but it was the best 3 days: shopping, designing, and most of all just getting to hang out with Emily and her sweet family.

Here's a few random pieces that were inspiration and purchases. The flame stitch is a possible option for her banquet, but she also has her eye on a grey and yellow one. I liked that this pulled the turquoise/aqua that she already had in a few ceramic pieces in the adjacent kitchen. The hexagon marble side table from West Elm is to-die-for-- also looks cool when you put 3 together. Pillow is West Elm too. She was originally thinking this grey chevron rug, but I just found this and like that it's got soft lines, but still feels simple and modern. (Emily-- what do you think?) She has lots of original art work and some killer furniture that was her husband's all the way from Egypt-- looks very Moroccan. I think when those sentimental pieces are mixed with her new stuff it will be a gorgeous combination.
Oh, and I have to share... you know how I'm always on the hunt for something good for the front door, but am never really satisfied with the options? I love her solution:

OH-- and also-- almost forgot about one of my IKEA scores

Remember my pool bag and great find of these artists, Inaluxe? Scored these for $6 for BOTH. And have you heard that IKEA is coming to Kansas City-- and just a few miles from me. Whohoooo!

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  1. What a treat to pop over to HH for a dose of you and find a post about your trip here. (squeal!)

    You rule and there is still sparkly Karrie magic in the air around here even though you've been gone for a week! I'm SO happy with everything and just keep feeling inspired. (Painting the bathroom dark blue perhaps?!)

    I'm lukewarm on the new rug choice though. Great colors but all I see is hearts. Do you see them?

    I laugh every time I see my no soliciting sign too! The PERFECT door decor.



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