October 15, 2012

emily's casa part 2

When I visited Emily, our number one priority was finding fabric for her banquette. We failed, and it's been bugging me. We got a sample of this in, but what we thought was grey was actually a blue. So, we started over. We really wanted to pull some of the pretty turquoise from a few items in her kitchen, and obviously GREY, because that's our backdrop (couch, walls, etc.), but also wanted to add in some yellow (yellow and grey is a no-brainer). So no problem, right? Just find a fabric that's grey, turquoise and yellow in a material that can withstand being on a banquette where kids eat. Oh, and it should be modern, and simple. As I've been looking at my chairs that I just recovered about a month ago and noticing how they are already nasty, I am really wishing that I would have done a laminate. I'm too scared to try this, and I know that Emily REALLY wants this (but in Alabaster), but maybe we came to a compromise with this laminated fabric from Jessica Jones

Emily also mentioned that when she looks at the rug I picked out, all she sees is 'hearts'. I didn't see it at first, but now I totally do, and all I can think of is 'karrie's kountry kwilts'. So here's some new rug options with the new LAMINATED fabric options. 

The fabrics come laminated and not laminated. So she could do the banquette laminated but throw on some coordinating pillows in the regular fabric. Although in my house the pillows would need to be laminated they way my kids eat! 



  1. Karrie's Kountry Kwilts is the funniest thing ever!

    LOVE your mood board. Jessica Jones' fabrics are perfect. Simple, modern, and fresh. Still trying to narrow down which fabric I want for the banquette.

    The rug in the upper left hand corner of the picture is killer. Source please!

    While I'm still totally on board with laminated fabric and think it will be perfect, (I have a sample)Peter finds it too "plasticky".
    Oh brother. I may just give it a go anyway, crossing my fingers that he comes around.

  2. All rugs are from rugusa.com. Love that place and no, they are not paying me to say that (but it WOULD be nice, wouldn't it!?)

    I get the plastic-y thing, and since Peter has been banished to the banquette since he can't fit in your killer chairs in the manly way he was meant to sit, maybe a compromise is in order. All those fabrics come not laminated too. And the busy pattern and colors shouldn't show stains too bad.

  3. RugsUSA should totally pay you.


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