October 24, 2012

Cool Art: Mary Blair

I may be biased on this because for me this is so completely nostalgic. I recently came across these prints and am in LOVE. Mary Blair is the artist behind many Disney images and concepts, but for me most recognizable for the It's a Small World imagery. It's a Small World is one of my most favorite places ever. Right next to Parc Guell. My mom grew up just miles away from Disney Land, and as a kid, we went there at least once a year. You could see the fireworks from my grandparents house.

We went to Disney Land 2 years ago and I hadn't been in decades. Nostalgia is a strange thing, it's hard to explain. But going through the It's a Small World "ride" just made me smile and warmed my heart. I loved it as a kid-- and still love the message it sends.

I don't think these would have to go in a kids room (although I'd love to put that first blue one in Reece's room!)-- I would have these out where everyone could see them. They look so modern and fresh.

Above are all prints that can be bought as a canvas here.

More inspiring Mary Blair art:


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