October 30, 2012

West Elm's Blog: Front & Main

Did you know West Elm has a blog!? I LOVE West Elm, probably as much as Anthropologie. I want to live in their catalogs. The colors, the earthy, handmade feel. They have really nailed it the last few years. Had such a great experience in Denver, and have been scouring their website lately, and came across their blog: Front & Main. What I love about it: 1) they feature real artisans, found on Etsy, and elsewhere. I love that a large corporate company is making an effort to get in touch with individual designers-- it's a great connection. 2) Your Open House- Home Run. This is genius marketing on their part, they show homes of everyday people and how they used their West Elm products. And lucky for them, their products are so outstanding that ALL the photos are actually great. I kind of expected some crap in there, but they really make it look like you can't mess it up with their pieces. Great inspiration.

Okay, so here comes the plug. As I was looking through, I about shat my pants when I saw this: 


Happy Habitat Eco Throw featured with a West Elm headboard! So cool to be on their blog, and I love what Sheena did with the Fretwork Throw. 
If you have photos of your Eco Throws in your house--- I'd LOVE to see them!
Send them my way at happyhabitat@att.net.


  1. SO AWESOME!! It looks fantastic. West Elm should sell your throws for crying out loud.

    Totally agree with what you said about WE, by the way. They have been killing it lately.

  2. Thanks! Have you seen WE's latest throws? They are fantastic! I mean, not as cool as a Happy Habitat throw, but...


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