March 04, 2013

happy habitat is 2 (and there are presents!)

Big things happening here at Happy Habitat. 2 years ago I started this blog not knowing where it would take me. Not a clue. I was laid off from my job of 11 years and felt like I had been given a fresh start. I had worked in Human Resources for an advertising agency and while I was in a creative environment which I enjoyed, it wasn't my destiny. Not finding part time work and not knowing what else to do, I started this blog, thinking it was a step in the right direction. It was free and was a good learning experience to get it up and running. I was fascinated that anything I didn't know how to do, I could find on the internet, I felt like the world was at my fingertips-- ready for the taking and if nothing else, I would have my own little catalog of pretty things and decorating ideas.

Reaching for my core desires, I started playing with Moroccan patterns that I had filed away in my memory from a visit to southern Spain--- all those pretty Moorish patterned tiles I had taken photos of came back out. And then came the quest for a Moroccan patterned throw. I wanted one for myself, but I was broke, and didn't have money to spend, being that I hadn't had a job in over a year. And even if I had the money to spend, I couldn't find the perfect throw. So I thought I should make one (that's normal, right?) After many trials of throws that were too itchy, or too thick, or too thin, I came across recycled cotton and knew it was meant to be: good for the environment and soft and a perfect weight. One thing led to another, and the next thing you know I'm investing in 4 patterned throws and hoping that I would make my money back on those 4 throws by selling them and maybe some more. After a partnership with, I was on my way. Future partnerships with Joss & Main and One Kings Lane sealed the deal. I'm officially in business and loving every minute of it. My brain constantly swirls with new patterns and color combinations, and luckily I can try those out whenever I'm in the mood (or have the time-- I am trying to pull this off while taking care of 2 kids!)

I have lots of goals for this year and one of those goals is for Happy Habitat to have it's own domain, and I can now check that one off the list. What that means is that Happy Habitat can be found at instead of I know--- you are thinking "sooooo?" Well this is a big deal people! Really.... no more, no more 'ahappyhabitat' the web address actually matches my company name. Happy Habitat is legit!

And now let's get to the PRESENTS!

Yes-- there are GIFTS for YOU!

30% off Eco Throws through Friday!
just use the code HAPPYNUMBER2 when checking out to receive your discount.

Happy Birthday Happy Habitat!

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