March 16, 2013

feeling sluggish

Anyone else having a hard time with the daylight savings change? I thought I usually felt a surge of spring and that helped get me over the hump of losing time and waking up in the dark. Well, I'm not feeling it, and it's making me need some extra of my favorite pick-me-up. And that has me dreaming of spaces like this:

How wonderful to have your own built in Espresso Machine. Heaven. You might not need a dose of espresso with those YELLOW cabinets--- those are sure to wake you up!

Although, I kind of wonder if it would be better just to have the huge mac daddy sitting out on a counter in all it's glory like this:

Curse you Martha Stewart and your gorgeous professional espresso machine and crazy-awesome grey cabinets. Maybe if I got this I could pay it off by opening my doors and selling drinks?

I guess if I was really desperate, I could always install one of these guys:

Seriously? This is a built-in espresso maker in a Fiat. Isn't that hilarious!?

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