September 17, 2011

Happy Habitat Eco Throws: Recycled Cotton Blankets

I couldn't be more excited about my new Eco Throws. Soft, thick recycled cotton blankets perfectly sized for throwing over a chair or couch or for taking an afternoon snooze. Not too thin, not too heavy-- just right at 3.5 pounds. Graphic patterns are bold and add instant style. Or turn it over for a neutral look.

Recycled cotton does not mean it's made from old t-shirts from a thrift store (ewwww!) but instead from pre-consumer clippings. So those extra pieces get a new life instead of going to a landfill.

100% vegetarian. No animal used in these throws.

The Eco Throws come in 4 pattern and 4 colors: there's the Fretwork Throw which is inspired by Moroccan tiles, and Tribal Throw which is a simplified version of an ancient Arabic pattern, there's the Zigzag or Chevron Throw-- which is bold and graphic, and last is the Lattice Throw which is a square chain pattern.

The colors are Paprika, which is an orange that's a tad bit on the red side, Ochre is... well, Ochre- a deep saturated goldish yellow. The pictures don't do the Ochre justice, it's really a fantastic color and looks great with grey. Cerulean is a typical turquoise-- not too bright, no too light, not too dull. And Mushroom is a classic taupe. All patterns are paired with ivory... a slightly off-white.

Moroccan Fretwork Pattern Recycled Cotton Environmentally Friendly Throw Blanket
Fretwork Eco Throw Blanket in Paprika
Y Pattern Recycled Cotton Environmentally Friendly Throw Blanket
Tribal Eco Throw Blanket in Ochre
Zigzag Chevron Pattern Recycled Cotton Environmentally Friendly Throw Blanket
Zigzag Eco Throw Blanket in Cerulean
Recycled Cotton Square Chain Pattern Eco Throw
Lattice Eco Throw Blanket in Mushroom
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  1. Very cool products, I just love there fabric and coloring!!!!


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