January 22, 2012

Good bye Christmas HELLO VALENTINES!

I literally just took down my Christmas Tree. Really, today. And I haven't even taken down all the decorations, but the Tree is officially down, and that's a start.  I don't like decorating for Christmas because I don't like taking it down. I know... I'm a scrooge like that. This year my mom came over and forced me to get decorations up, well, she did most of it for me, otherwise, might not have happened. So it's slowly coming down. But I am a bit motivated because I do LOVE Valentine's Day. What's a better reason to celebrate than LOVE LOVE LOVE? It's just a feel-good time for me, especially in the middle of cold winter to have a warm reason to celebrate.

So I've got Valentine's on the mind, and instead of spending time taking down the rest of my Winter Decor, I thought I'd cruise Pinterest and see what's new this year. Here's a few V-Day Delights for you.


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