November 16, 2012

Anthology Magazine + Happy Habitat

Have you checked out Anthology Magazine before? It's a fancy super hip magazine that you can get at Anthropologie and a few other select stores (no where in Kansas or Missouri, only at Anthropologie.) It has beautiful photography and thick pages to thumb through. Every year they put out a digital Holiday Gift Guide, and this year the Happy Habitat Ikat Throw was included! There's some fantastic stuff in there, I'm happy to be among so many thoughtful products, let alone part of such a beautifully designed magazine (how great is that cover!?)

Thanks to the kind folks at Anthology! You made my day!

On a coincidental side note (because there's ALWAYS a coincidental side note with me): as I was looking through Flora Grubb's lovely shop, I came across a birthday gift I just received that I'm in LOVE with-- this glass terrarium. She shows them with air plants and it can hang, but mine is a bit heavy as it's filled with cactuses that were taken from the gift givers personal stash (well, her mother's cactus collection). Pretty cool to pass that along, I hope I can keep them alive--  it LOVES my south window though, so I think my thumb is looking green!

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