April 06, 2013

reclaimed wood shelves

I've been debating if I should exhibit at a trade show. Do I go to the New York International Gift Fair, or San Francisco International Gift Fair or at High Point Market? I'm still researching and deciding if it's worth the investment, but of course I'm jumping ahead and planning what my booth would look like. And of course I can't just do something simple like pre-made shelving, but need to make it difficult, and green by making my own reclaimed wood shelving unit.

I've been seeing this style around the blogosphere-- but can't really have them connected to the walls.
Something like this is pretty cool:

Love the casters--- and functional. But yikes-- $4,000!

Stay tuned on my decision to make shelves or exhibit at a trade show...

Until then anyone out there have advice on exhibiting at trade shows? Which should I do!??


  1. It looks like the expense alone would cost an arm and a leg. I total up your expenses and match them up with your net annual revenue to see how much wiggle room you have for trade shows/marketing. I think that you have done a great job on your own and love your work...keep it up!

  2. Dear Anonymous--
    You are so right! If I have the funds I'll do it, if not, I won't! Easy as that-- except what's that old saying, you have to spend money to make money....


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