June 07, 2013

Emily Henderson's Living Room

I am drooling over Emily Henderson's living room. It is everything I would hope to have in a room. Fun, interesting, colorful, quirky and personal items, old, new, streamlined, cozy, but modern, approachable, and cool. Every single bit is killer. First thing I noticed was the sexy sofa.

Next thing I noticed were all those bright textiles... the pillows, that wall hanging. Oh, and the ART. All so good, and so noticeable against the white. 

Those bookshelves are perfectly styled. Just the right amount of brass, collections and weird odds and ends. 

The fireplace mantle is has a great mix of art:
Seems like arrows are hot right now in design-- I love how she brought in real ones-- colorful and cool.

And my favorite part....

I'm over the moon that she used the Triangles Happy Habitat Eco Throw! She mentioned my Eco Throws a while back, but I wasn't sure that she was going to use it in her room. I love seeing how a truly gifted stylist and one of my all time favorite designers incorporated a Happy Habitat Throw into a room, my triangle throw is right at home in Emily's living room. 

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  1. I agree...SUCH a killer room and I squealed when I saw the HH throw!


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