November 11, 2013

catalog photoshoot outakes

I had such a blast working with Heather Morrow to shoot some lifestyle photos of my throws. My kids came along as I thought I'd have Heather snap a few of them. Heather also asked her friend Gina and her family to come along as well. Gina is a makeup and hair stylist and has a killer closet, so she needed no guidance- and was a perfect model! We were trying to get quite a bit in during that golden hour (more like minutes!) and were experimenting with what looked good and showed off the product best, all the while juggling a bunch of kids and fading light. In the end, I think we came away with some fantastic shots! If you haven't already looked through the catalog, here's some of what made it to the catalog, and some outtakes as well.

work it. 
i could live in there. if it was bigger, and there was something on the floor, and...
ahhhh, the gazing shot. beautiful, but can't see the blankets enough. how cute are Gina and her hubby!?
my favorite!
also my favorite!

love this shot of the girl's tea party
she enjoyed this modeling gig just a little too much.

this is what it's all about. 

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  1. Such beautiful pics!!!! I want one of everything, please!


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