April 18, 2011

Fabric Faves: Katherine Rally

Husband and wife pack up their 2 kids and move to Bali and come up with this beautiful line of textiles. What a dream come true. Great patterns using batik. I remember doing batik in my art classes at least once a year. We'd use hot wax with paint brushes or special pens that allowed the wax to come through, like a calligraphy pen. Then dye the fabric, then cover what you wanted saved in wax, then dye again. In between you'd 'crackle' by bunching up the fabric so that the dye would seep into the cracks. Then you'd iron all the wax off and be left with hopefully something really special. I'm sure these look even better in person when you can see all those little cracks that make it look hand crafted.

Katherine Rally Window Treatment
Katherine Rally Table Linens
Katherine Rally Textiles

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