April 15, 2011

Adding Architecture: More Fabulous Fretwork

After my last post on fretwork, I found my original inspirations of fretwork panels shown in rooms. (Apparently I really have a thing for fretwork since I had three separate files on the subject.) The customized woodwork give these rooms a one-of-kind feel. It is artful and handcrafted. I think the best place to utilize these would be as a room divider. I love how older homes have smaller compartmentalized spaces, but sometimes they can feel closed in, and not convenient when you are entertaining or have small kids you need to keep an eye on. Sliding fretwork panels would give you the cozy feeling while still having an airy lightness and could be flexible to be opened or closed. They would be great to put in a newer home too, that might be lacking in architectural elements or maybe whose floor plan is 'too open'.

Lattie Fretwork Staircase
Lattice Closet Doors
Lattice Window Screens
Fretwork Closet Doors

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