April 11, 2011

Spring Decorating Part II

After looking for some good spring decorating inspiration, I came up empty handed, with the exception of my last post. So I looked around my house and decided to try to use things I already had. I had the silver frames, but didn't really like what was in them. My original thought was to put the silhouettes that I have of the kids in them. But trying to make it more spring-ish, I came up with the idea of putting bunny silhouettes in them. Could have also used baby chicks, birds or eggs and a nest. Either way, I like the simplicity of a silhouette. My husband thought it looked ridiculous to have such a large matte with such a small image, I told him I was trying to 'whimsical' and we both cracked up. But we both agreed it looked good when it was all put together. The silver chicks were originally painted country yellow. I just gave them a coat of silver spray paint. And the 'K' initial is just a moss covered letter. Pottery Barn sells them right now for $79. Mine cost $10. When Easter is over, I'll put the kids silhouettes in the frames and come up with something new. I think the moss letter would also look good on the front door. I'm loving the idea of moss for spring and summer and have to see what else I can create with it. So here it is, my version of a simple spring/Easter fireplace mantel.
Spring and Easter Decorating Fireplace Mantel Decor

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