April 25, 2011

Handmade Birthday Gifts: Customized DIY Trays

I went out Saturday with my two Amys for a double birthday celebration. I'm fortunate to have longtime friends, both Amys are like sisters to me and I wanted to make something special for each of them. I remembered some DIY trays I'd seen here and here and here and was inspired. I have been working on some patterns for some textiles I hope to have in my shop soon and thought I'd start there. Amy #1 is getting ready to paint her office a dark blue grey so I thought I'd work with that. Amy #2 has light blues, and browns that first came to mind. Amy #2's turned out almost black instead of dark brown when it printed, but luckily she said she interchanges her browns and blacks. I hope my friends aren't tired of my homemade gifts, but I have so much fun making them! Next is Mother's Day trays where I think I'll get a little bolder with my color choices. 

DIY Customized Handmade Painted Tray
Amy #1's Tray

DIY Customized Handmade Painted Tray
Amy #2's Tray
Oh, and as for a tutorial, its not rocket science here: prime and paint the tray, cut out the paper, Mod Podge it, then I lacquer sprayed the whole thing. I used my own printed designs, but you could also use the wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper, or anything from Paper Source. Next time I'm going to use spray adhesive with just lacquer and skip the Mod Podge, didn't love the brush strokes.


  1. What a wonderful idea to do as a gift, it has such a personal element that you can use to match the personality of each of your friends and the best is that no one else will have another one like it. You know what it feels like to go to a party and find someone else with the same dress on. Or do ladies think differently about home accessories?

  2. Soooooooo cool! :)


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