April 30, 2011

Color Lover: Coral

Don't you think the word color looks so much cooler when spelled colour? Can I go with it? And then you can read my color posts with an accent so I will sound so chic? Or shall I stick with the mid west American version?

I'm a huge fan of orange, so anything in the orange range I'm drawn to. Apricot, tangerine, pumpkin, rust, I love them all. But today I'm hooked on coral. Maybe because it looks so fantastic with turquoise and teal, which are both hot colors. It seems a little eighties, but I'm able to see it in a fresh light, not like my mom's coral leather puffy sofa that she got when she was doing her southwest thing. Here's some beautiful coral inspiration (these are for you, Mom!):
Chinese Chippendale Chair in Coral
Coral Painted Side Table
Coral Painted Room
Coral Couch
Outdoor Coral Furniture with Coral Bouganvilla

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  1. I pray that coral and mauve never make the scene. The third picture down looks like it is from a lake house in a rental in Mexico. You know the old lake house look where everything is peachy!!?? Or it can come from the Ozarks which has parts that are the trailer park of our bodies of water. I said parts of it; please do not take it personally. I know there are places that are nice but it is in Missouri(a).


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