May 05, 2011

Front Door Decor

I'm always on the hunt for something cool to put on the front door. Your front door should invite people to want to come in. Right now my front door says "GO AWAY", sadly, it's true. It's cracked, desperately needs a paint job, and I recently read that a black front door is bad luck. I did read that feng shui says to paint a door black if your front door is in your 'career path'. Whatever that means. I don't know about that, but now every time I look at my front door it just looks uninviting. Not to mention that both my neighbors have black front doors, so I'd like to mix things up a bit. So until I get around to doing some hardcore sanding and painting, I'm looking for a little distraction.

I think it's so hard to find good ideas for your front door. Really great wreaths are hard to come by. I refuse to put any fake flowers anywhere, so those thin baskets with flowers are out. What else can you put on a front door? Suggestions? Anyone? I'm needing some inspiration.

For now, I put my moss monogram "K" that was on my mantel on the front door.  I like it... but now it's just bugging me that I need to paint the door!

Handmade Moss Letter

Handmade Moss Letter
And the "M" I made for my sister.

Here's a great tutorial for making a moss monogram initial. 
It's very easy, and the moss is very forgiving to work with.

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  1. Try adding some color to give it some character. Maybe a couple flowers sparingly placed on the letter.


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