July 14, 2011

Privacy Please! The Coolest Window Coverings

How cool are these!? Roller shades. You can select the level of opacity, and you can reverse the design. I've had my eye on these for years. Why oh why did I put boring wood blinds in my bathroom when I could have done this for the same price! Easy way to add architecture for cheap!

Indian Pattern Window Covering

Lattice Pattern Window Covering

Moorish Arch Window Covering

Moorish Pattern Window Covering

Moorish Design Window Covering

Hello Greek Key!
Greek Key Window Covering
Similar idea, but these are a stick on window film.

Moroccan Design Window Covering


  1. love these!! Such a cool subtle addition to a room. I heart shades that let in a little light but keep things private.

  2. Do you have a company name/link for these shades? I spoke with the company last year ...now I can't find their information.

    thanks, Karen

  3. Hi Karen!

    The company is called Delia Shades. If you click where it says "photo", it'll take you to their site, or just go here: http://www.deliashades.com/shades/index.php

    Thanks for stopping by!
    And if you put these in your house, I want to see a pic!

  4. Thanks! Watch for new patterns and follow us on http://deliashades.tumblr.com/
    and see some completed projects on houzz.com:


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