September 27, 2011

Is Turkey the new Morocco?

If you've read Happy Habitat before, then you'll know my madness for all things Moroccan, most notably Moroccan Patterns. I think it's a trend that has stuck, and will still stay around in the realm of global design. I'm seeing something new on the horizon: Turkish Design and Patterns. It's a little less in-your-face in terms of ethnic design. Some of it to me almost looks a bit Scandinavian or Dutch (maybe that's just the tulip motif). It has a homey- folky feel to me. I don't know that it will replace the Moroccan trend, but I think we'll see more of it.

The traditional Turkish ceramics, called Iznik, typically stay within the color palette of turquoise, cobalt blue, green and red. Turquoise being the predominant color. The color Turquoise is named from the Turquoise stone that was founded in Turkey. Here are some old school examples:

Iznik Tile
Turkish Tile Patterns
And some new school examples:
I love Ann Sacks' modern take on Turkish Tiles.

Another fresh take on Iznik Tiles

Totally digging this line from Turkey: Tulu Textiles

 And I'm completely flipping over this cool patch-work upholstery from Bokja (must check out their cool website). The designers are based in Beirut, but originally from Turkey. Looks like the textiles have their origins in Uzbekistan region as well.
And last but not least: the inspiration that I saw when flipping through my latest Elle Decor that got me thinking, "I'm seeing a lot of Turkish Patterns I'm liking":

Here's more from London's Handmade Interiors:

Patterns inspired by Turkish Tile


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