September 11, 2011

Rainbow Cabinets: PINK

I've got kitchen cabinets on my mind. Probably because I really need to clean mine, and they are starting to fall apart. So, I've been dreaming of what kind of kitchen cabinets I would have if I could have new ones. I like to think in terms of 10 years down the line, am I still going to like it? Cabinets should be classic since most likely you are going to keep them for a while. And sometimes classic to me is the unexpected. A random color that isn't a trend, but just something that you really like.

With that thought, I'm starting a new series: Rainbow Cabinets where I  am challenging myself to come up with kitchen cabinets in every color of the rainbow, that I actually like. Maybe I wouldn't put it in my own house, but I can honestly say-- "that looks pretty cool".  So today, we start with PINK. I figured this would be impossible, but I can truly say these kitchens are lovely!

Pink Kitchen Cupboards
Pink Kitchen Cabinets


  1. wow these kitchens are beautiful. i would never think to have pink cabinets but these look gorgeous. especially love the second one!

    i lovee your blog! its gorgeous :) xx

  2. Yes, your blog IS gorgeous!

    I would have NEVER thought pink could work. The top pic is fab. The bottom one makes me a little queasy. Pass the pepto.


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