September 09, 2011

Were you born in a barn?

Another great way to add architecture to your home: sliding barn doors. Functional and so cool looking. Take it up a notch and use a recycled barn door. With all the new houses being built so wide open, I think this is a perfect way to make your space a little cozier while adding a bit of interest with the hardware track and a distressed or painted door.
I'm proud to say this beautiful home is from my neck of the woods.
I love how seamlessly the barn doors flow here.
The door almost looks like a piece of furniture,
and the track system blends in with the wood ceiling beams.

Sliding Barn Door Nursery
This is my good friend, Jackie's nursery. 
She installed  a barn door to separate her bedroom from her little boy's room.  
She built this herself for less than $300. So charming.
Sliding Barn Door
Sliding Pantry Track System Barn Door
Painted Track System Barn Door


  1. I like the barn doors in theory. Perhaps not in my house though. Too "barny". Although they can look industrial and cool in a loft.

    I do love what Jackie did. She's so creative!

    That last pic has me inspired for my color redo. gray and yellow!

  2. Love barn doors! Especially those rustic exterior ones.


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