October 07, 2011

4S iPhone Cases in the House!

YES indeed the 4S has arrived...or at least pre-ordering has! It was rumored to be called the iPhone 5, but looks like they went with the 4S, and YES, Happy Habitat has 4S cases to fit your brand new iPhone. Stop by the shop and pick a pattern and have a case ready for its arrival. Here's a few great combinations that recently went out to some Happy Customers.
Moroccan Fretwork iPhone 4 Case CoverDiamond Pattern Customized iPhone 4S Case Cover with Initial
Trellis Custom iPhone Case Cover With MonogramChevron Zigzag Custom Personalized iPhone 4S Phone Case With Initial

Oh, and in less exciting news, we also have BlackBerry Bold 9900/9300 Cases available.  Not that there's anything wrong with a BlackBerry, but the iPhone 4S news trumps the BlackBerry today.

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