October 11, 2011

Color Lover: Feeling Blue

Opposites attract and I've always had a thing for blue and orange together. Wipe the thought of the Broncos right out of your head-- and skew the colors just a bit.  These lyrics have stayed with me over the years: "Midnight Blue, burning gold. A yellow moon is growing cold." I know, cheesy of me to quote Pink Floyd, but if I could only share that image that is created in my head, I think you'd like it. Here's my attempt to do just that:

Coral ceiling, turquoise sofa, medium blue walls. Add a touch of yellow? Why not.
Turquoise, persimmon with indigo walls. Perfection.
photos from Adore Magazine-- have you checked it out yet!? I'm hooked!
Steven Volpe's
Living Room with his own sofa in a linen velvet fabric. Linen and velvet? What a great combination. And with a touch of rust for contrast. Does this look like a Bronco's inspired space? I think not.

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  1. By far my favorite color. I'd live in any of those rooms!


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