October 15, 2011

Fabric Faves: Galbraith & Paul

This is another one of those things that I almost don't want to spread the word about. I want to keep it to myself and keep it my secret. But I suppose the word is already very much out considering they have installations all over the world. In terms of textile greatness, these guys really are on top of their game in my mind. I hope to start doing textiles in the near future and if I could strive to be half as good as these guys, I'd be off to a good start. So what's so great about Galbraith & Paul? They are hand block printed, meaning each order is custom made by hand, and when you look closely at them, you can really see that. And since they are made to order, that means they can be easily customized, so you can custom design your colors and patterns. And speaking of patterns, they are killer. Liz Galbraith personally adds an artists touch to these bold, modern, yet classic designs.

Although they also do wallpaper, and rugs, this  is actually upholstered linen that is put on the walls. Beautiful, right!? 

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