November 19, 2011

Paper Lanterns as Real Lighting

I see paper lanterns used quite a bit for parties and decoration, but I really like the way they look mixed in an elegant setting. It adds a pop of the unexpected, not so serious and just plain simple. I like how these rooms are 'real' grown-up rooms, some with traditional elements and antique furniture, and then a $10 paper lantern. Okay, well, this first one is Julianne Moore's living room and this one happens to be a $970 Noguchi-- but same effect, right? Love it.
I've been looking for a light for my office and had planned on giving the string light a go, but my office ceiling is pretty low, so I had to look for something else. Not wanting to spend $300, I went to Ikea where I found the Vate for a whopping $9. Not having an Ikea in KC, my sweet friend Emily sent one from Denver (she's the BEST). I had a good reason to get my arse in gear and fix up my office, and will share the reason for that,  how the light turned out and the rest of the office soon.

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