November 10, 2011

A Few Magazine Faves

I was pretty busy with the sale, so I've had a few magazines that were neglected for a couple weeks. It kills me to see them sitting there and not have time to sip some coffee and take a look. By the way, I think I jinxed myself when I posted about my love of cappuccinos because my filter has clogged, and I'm now waiting for a new one to come in. So while I wait, I'm having bland drip coffee- so depressing. I digress-- but only because coffee and magazines go hand in hand for me. It's a little slice of heaven to have that moment-- and I usually pay for it by having a cranky young lady who has watched too much Power Rangers (yes, my 3 year old girl LOVES Power Rangers).

So catching up on my mags, thought I'd share my favorite finds. I am such a magnet for all things Moroccan, I literally opened Elle Decor right to this page:

Fell in love with the Moroccan Tile Charger, so went to their website- the company is called Eusamex, and found these goodies: 

Also came across this in Elle Decor:

Went to the Casamidy website-- looks like the etagere can be custom painted. Here it is in neutral:

Their mirrors are to-die-for: I thought this first one looked familiar, and it is, turns out I had pinned it. 

LOVE the background in this one. 

All from Casamidy. From San Miguel de Allende, Mexico-- top of my list right now of places I must go.

So that sums up my faves from Elle Decor... more to come when I can get to the others!

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