November 24, 2011


Today I am thankful for many things (not in any particular order):
  • 2 Beautiful Healthy Happy Children
  • Public Education (it could be worse people)
  • My stylist sister who always makes me look good
  • My Mother's hair growing back in so beautifully
  • Healthy Water right out of my tap
  • My husband's job
  • The sweetest, most polite nieces and nephews 
  • The Internet
  • My daughter takes naps, err... when my daughter takes naps
  • The orange cat that visits us
  • A brother in law that always sets a good example
  • The best friends a girl could ask for- both near and far
  • In-laws that always make me feel right at home
  • My husband's support in starting a business
  • My son still lets me hug him in public
  • Target (Yes, really. What would we do without Target?)
  • Freedom to walk outside my house looking any way I choose
  • My great neighbors who are also my friends
  • Family that's 5 minutes away
And thank you to YOU out there. Happy Habitat has filled a spot in my life that I didn't know needed to be filled. It's been a fun adventure, and I am so grateful for the support of friends, family, readers and customers.

DIY Thankful Tree with Leaves

We made a "Thankful Tree" at our house. I love what my son added. 

Thanksgiving Tree for walls


  1. I'm thankful for YOU! Looking forward to sending wonderful holiday times with you. xoxox

  2. i so loved this post. Your list is fantastic and so spot on. and I got teary when i read the leaf that R added. oh sweet boy.

    I, too, am grateful for Happy Habitat, because now all of the interwebs will be exposed to the Karrie goodness that I know and love so much.
    Stand proud sweet girl. You're one of the good ones. AND you have awesome taste!


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