November 30, 2011

Felt Bird Ornaments

Last year I was feeling extra ambitious, and decided to make some birdie ornaments. I thought they would make cute little toppers to gifts and such. SO easy...just 2 pieces of felt, stuffed with cotton balls, and sewn simply with embroidery thread. I freehanded the shape, then used different fabric for the wings and whatever I could find for the eyes-- buttons and sequins. I used mod podge to seal the fabric that went on the wings, and just used a hot glue gun to put the pieces together. Some wings are linen fabric that I stamped with letters, or with textile stamps from India. Just make sure you leave a hole in the top of the bird for a ribbon or twine to use to hang it. And Presto!

Handmade DIY Felt Bird Ornament
Added it to a present.

Handmade DIY Felt Bird Ornament
 A hostess gift.

Handmade DIY Felt Bird Ornament
These guys went to some friends with homemade toffee. YUM.

Made some homemade Cranberry Vodka to go with this little birdie.

Handmade DIY Felt Bird Ornament
 This one I made for my husband. He was wearing a pair of pajama bottoms that had holes in them and were all torn up. I pitched the pjs and made him a bird with a remaining piece. So now he has a little piece of those jammies he just couldn't let go of.

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