August 26, 2012

Chevron Style at the Biltmore Arizona

Last minute I decided to tag along with my husband for a business trip to Phoenix. I have never been to Phoenix, but I did a quick look at the hotel and thought it would be a perfect mini vacay. I noticed palm trees and meandering walkways and was sold. It was a resort, and that's just what I needed. What I didn't expect was the amazing architecture and details. As fate would have it, I was staying at the Arizona Biltmore that was designed by Albert Chase McArthur, who had studied under Frank Lloyd Wright. So the whole place has a Frank Lloyd Wright feel to it. I had forgotten how much I loved his style. And coincidental to be there while this style seems so hot right now. I know Frank Lloyd Wright's style is timeless, but there were so many references to styles I'm seeing right now. 

Upon entrance, you see this: 

Which Reminds me of all the single chevron jewelry that I'm loving these days:

Wandering through the place, I found the single chevron everywhere. On a napkin holder: 

On tables: 

And a tribal version on the hundreds of thousands of blocks found throughout the sprawling resort:

The motifs found throughout the Biltmore had a tribal feel to it much like the patterns I'm loving these days:
As I've said before, I'm seeing chevron evolve-- this time I found it to be simplified, and some of what I see here is almost the triangle version that has a tribal feel to it. 

Anyway-- great trip, and loved being pleasantly surprised at the beauty I was surrounded by. On a side note, I feel it's my duty to not give misconceptions in blogland. Just so you know, I do not regularly get to jaunt away for side trips to a resort and spa. I tagged along with my husband because it was free (we used miles for my ticket), and there was some major juggling to have my kids in good hands for 2 1/2 days, which left my mom dealing with a middle of the night episode of one child constipated and the other saying he was going to throw up. Luckily, the poop came out, but no vomit. I'm incredibly grateful to have friends that pitched in, and my mom who spearheaded the childcare while we were gone. 

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