December 28, 2012

barbie nostalgia

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas! Whether you celebrate it or not, for most of you it was a day off work to spend time with your families--- hope everyone savored every moment! We had a sick little lady, so we were split up on Christmas night, but were able to dope up the girl enough to get out for Christmas Eve where we celebrated with my family.

For Christmas, my mom gave Phoebe my sister and I's old Barbies. I was in such a nostalgia shock! It really is a trip to have something brought back to you that you haven't seen in 30 years. Especially because I spent so many magical hours dreaming up glamourous Barbie scenarios. The clothes are hilarious and inspiring. Some of them hand made. Totally groovy and hip. Nostalgia is such a weird thing-- I kind of crave it. Takes me back to an innocent dreamy world. I suppose since my memory is extra horrible-- nostalgia takes over and it's more of a feeling than really an exact memory.

Anyhoo--- here's what I've been playing with the last few days! This is the case they came in-- white vinyl, complete with my name scribbled on the side. Isn't the picture lovely!?

Even my son and my nephews couldn't keep their hands off Ken!

If you want to take a walk down memory lane-- check out the whole gang complete with vintage yellow bicycle on Instagram

Have a groovy day!

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