December 03, 2012

John Robshaw + Martyn Lawrence Bullard = Perfection.

I want to jump inside the December issue of Elle Decor. Just want to lay down with a good book on John Robshaw's block print sofa, or sip mojitos with friends in Martyn Lawrence Bullard's patio. All of it is so delicious. Indian and Moroccan inspiration--- my faves. 

Starting with Mr. Robshaw...

So that painting is his. Cool, right?. World traveler, textile designer and artist. Love everything about this space. 

Let's talk about that chair. It is sooooo sexy. Black leather, straps. It's like a manly corset. Okay, that just painted kind of a weird picture, but on the chair it works.

The shape of the headboard is fantastic. Love all the layered textiles and mix of patterns. 

Next up Mr. Bullard. Like Robshaw, his latest musings have been inspired by his travels to India, but everywhere I look, I see Moroccan tile motifs:
This is actually his fabric covering the walls and ceiling. Fabulous.

Again with the Moroccan tile motif on the floor.  The rug by his own design. Love those brass Indian lanterns.

Where do I begin? What an amazing oasis. 


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