February 04, 2013

a small step in the right direction

Since I've started Happy Habitat, I've tried to be aware of how my business affects Mother Earth. It is important to me that I feel good about how Happy Habitat is integrated with our world. I'm taking baby steps and one of my first initiatives was to make my blog/website carbon neutral. I couldn't pass it up because it's FREE! I do most of my work on the computer. Seems mostly harmless, but it's not. A blog that receives 15,000 visitors actually puts out 8 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions a year. This is due to the energy usage that mainly comes from mainframe computers, servers and their cooling systems (that info found here.) So, although my throws are made from recycled cotton, the designing I'm doing on the computer is still sending out pollutants. So what does it mean to make something carbon neutral? To me it means that when you put something bad out in the world (specifically carbon dioxide), you are neutralizing it by putting something good back into the world (oxygen). 

So this organization (originally from Germany, hence the everything written in German, but has since expanded to the US), will plant a tree in exchange for spreading the word. I'm happy to spread the word, and proud to say that Happy Habitat is now officially carbon neutral thanks to the new tree that has been planted in exchange for this little write-up. Win. Win. Win. 

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