February 06, 2013

Bedroom Planning

Sometimes I get a little ahead of myself when planning a room. Example here is that I kind of forgot to run all the bedroom stuff by the Mr. I'm usually pretty good about that, and try to be very aware of keeping things not overly feminine-- no florals, no pink. And I usually try to get his opinion before I do anything. In this case I bought the bedding, and luckily he liked it (I think), but the rest of what was happening in my head I need to explain. Most of the time he doesn't get it until it all comes together, and is mostly trusting of my weird things I envision. But I thought I'd pull some of these things together for him and for me. I'm going with teal and yellow, and some brass/gold accents. He's not sold on the yellow lights, so I told him he could choose. I brought home these and told him he could pick the color I was going to spray paint them. Choices are: yellow, white, gold, teal or navy (not sold on the blues, but had to give some options). So what did he want? He wanted to keep them silver. Noooooo.... silver with my gold hardware?  So he said MAYBE gold. Yes-- that works. Another thing for me to spray paint gold... I seriously have a problem with the gold spray paint.

I'm wishing for a pretty Julia Marcum painting to put in a frame that I gold-leafed,  but have some other options that I already have. Even if I did score a Julia Marcum painting, I'm not sure I'd want to hide it in my bedroom. I ordered these brass pulls and these brass pulls and will decide when they come in. I'm thinking that the space needs a little sparkle so I might want to do the shiny ones, but we'll see. Curtains are something I haven't addressed. I want something mostly white since the walls are so dark, and the room needs some brightness, but can't decide if I should bring in yellow or the teal, or neither, don't want to be overly matchy. Kind of like these, but not the price on either one:

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