May 19, 2011

Cable Spool Furniture

To reward myself for a visit to the grocery store (hate the monotonous weekly trip), I wandered down the magazine aisle. I hadn't planned on stopping, but when the little lady decided the greeting cards were fun to pull out and put in different spots, I enjoyed a few minutes of uninterrupted inspiration. I LOVE magazines. Definitely on the top of the list, right up there with the smell of melted butter and going barefoot on thick, cushy grass.

So what caught my eye in those few minutes of bliss? An ottoman made from an old cable spool I spied in ReadyMade mag. They had a cool contest, and this was one of the winners. Apparently you can get old wire cable spools for free from your local hardware store or from Craigslist. I'm going to ask next time I go, I'll let you know. Reused, repurposed, FREE. I dig it. Here's the inspiration:

Cable Spool Ottoman
And some more cool furniture made from cable spools:

Coffee Tables Made From Cable Spools
Kids Art Table Made From Cable Spool
Cable Spool Table
Ottoman Made from a Cable Spool
I'm feeling a project coming on. Who can't use more seating in their space?

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