May 13, 2011

Priceless Art for Cheap

I loved this post I read recently from Little Green Notebook. It inspired me and as I've been looking around, I'm seeing art everywhere. (This song should start playing now. Great song, I suppose I should check out their grown up music too.)

So here are some examples of cheap, but priceless art:

Jim Thompson Bag Art

Jim Thomspon Bag Art

This is actually a bag. I go all the way to Thailand, to the home of The Silk King, Jim Thompson, and somehow can't find anything to buy. That always seems to happen to me. I'm at the original Thai Silk Company, and nothing. I do find some treasures to bring back for my family, but nothing for myself. It was my resourceful mom who kept the paper sack her souvenir came in and framed it. Genius. Luckily I kept the other bags, so I have 2 of these beauties in my dining room.

Indian Arrows Art

My sister got these arrows in Mexico for next to nothing. For a long time they sat in a box, until my mom had the idea to mount them like this.

DIY Spoon Art

My grandmother collected small spoons (random, I know). When she passed, the spoons were split up among the family. This one that's been mounted on a grass-cloth sample found a happy home on my wall. (Thank you, Mom.)


  1. the arrows look beautiful! lovely ideas! happy weekend

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