May 22, 2011

Jute and Burlap Wreath

Have I told you how I feel about crafts and crafters? Crafters kind of freak me out. Like the ladies at Hobby Lobby who pay with a check. This is 2011 people, there's a thing called a debit card. And what could you possibly be doing with all those silk flowers?! I mean why does anyone buy silk flowers? I don't mean to offend anyone. To each their own, right? Spending hours on cutesie things that have no use just seems kind of pathetic to me. And while I say this... I'm afraid I might have become one those people! The people that work at Hobby Lobby know me by now. This can't be good.

This leads me to my latest craft. (On a side note, I will not ever be using that word going forward. I'll be calling it 'handmade stuff' for now until I come up with something better, and I'm open to suggestions.) So I've mentioned before how hard it is to find cool stuff for your front door. I'm still on that quest. And honestly, I still haven't seen anything that is just perfect. So I had an idea to make something. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Does it belong in a store called Karrie's Kountry Kraft Shack? Be honest with me people. PLEASE... tell me what you think. I'm undecided. I'm not really drawn to anything that would use the word "shabby" in it's description. Is it too crafty? Have I just spent hours on something that has no use?

Jute Wreath with Burlap Flowers

Jute and Burlap Wreath with Flowers

Maybe I could just give my front door a really nice paint job, and be done with it. That way I wouldn't have to spend so much time Photoshopping out the cracks and bumps out of these pictures! 

A side note to my burlap-crafting-friends (if I still have any after this post): Did you know that black burlap turns a lovely shade of coral when bleached? I really wanted a grey burlap, and thought I'd try to bleach it. It quickly turned a beautiful burnt orange. I left it in there to see what would happen, and after a few minutes it was coral. I hung it up to dry, and where the bleach collected and the bottom, it turned a really pretty pink. You can see it in the bottom left side of this pic.

Black turned Orange Bleached Burlap


  1. Coral? Who would've thought? That's cool!
    And I LOVE the burlap wreath! Still working on something for my front door, too...

  2. Love you. Not feeling the burlap wreath. Too crafy. It's really well done though. Minimalist, yet stylish. Good job! Maybe I'm changing my mind...or maybe I hate wreaths. How aobut a boxwood square? I love the look of that. Clean and classic.
    RE: silk flowers
    I have many neighbors who put those things in planters OUTSIDE in their window boxes. What in THE hell? I want to knock on the door and say "you know, real flowers can grow outside."

  3. Thanks for your honesty! Maybe it was fate that the freaking thing fell off the door and broke in 2 pieces. Ah well... meant to be. Already have the boxwood square. You know me so well. ;)

  4. I'm interested in how you bleached it. Did u wash it with bleach or let it soak in bleach water? My wedding colors are coral and khaki. I would LOVE having coral colored burlap since I was wanting to incorporate burlap as well!

  5. @Fmeaton- I soaked it in bleach water. I just kept an eye on it and pulled it when I liked the color. Good luck!


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