June 02, 2011

Serving Up Some More Trays

I'll stop with the trays, but they are just so much fun to make! I couldn't resist making some more for Mother's Day gifts.

Remember how last time I whipped these up, I said 'it's not rocket science'? While that might be true, I discovered you can screw these up. First mistake: a combination of spray adhesive with thinner paper. The spray adhesive made the paper too damp and you could see the color if the tray through the paper. The fix? Thicker paper. Second mistake: bubbles with mod podge. I didn't smooth the paper out well enough. It's pretty tricky and the stuff is so sticky, you don't have a lot of room for mistakes. The fix? Spray adhesive instead of mod podge on a piece on a piece of cardboard cut to fit in the tray.

Red Painted Tray with Brown and Cream Zigzag
For my lovely sister on Mother's Day
Coral Zigzag Painted Tray
Coral and Taupe Tray for my mom. 

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