January 02, 2012

Color Lover: Tangerine Tango

This year's Pantone Color of the Year is PERFECTION. Orange has always been my fave. It's bright, vibrant, happy, and I think it's a little unexpected. I think Pantone nailed it this year. (Unlike last year, where I had to declare that Honeysuckle was yellow and not pink). This bright reddish orange was the inspiration for designing Happy Habitat Eco Throws. I was on the hunt for an Orange Moroccan Fretwork patterned cotton throw (those should be everywhere, right!?). When I couldn't find one, I designed one, and now sell them in my shop! So I suppose I should change the color from Paprika to Tangerine Tango, huh?!
Moorish Pattern Orange Blanket

Moroccan Pattern Recycled Cotton Blanket

Moorish Tile Pattern Orange Throw

Tangerine Tango Moroccan Fretwork Recycled Cotton Throw
Happy Habitat Fretwork Eco Throws in Paprika... I mean Tangerine Tango

Happy Habitat Square Chain Pattern Recycled Cotton Eco Throw in Tangerine Tango
Happy Habitat Lattice Eco Throw in Tangerine Tango (Paprika)

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