February 11, 2012

Cappuccino and Cases

I had so much fun having a photo shoot with my cases and my lovely model-- Kris. Her and her cute butt are available for hire! :) Anyway-- these shots didn't make it in the Joss & Main Lookbook, so I thought I'd share. Most of the pictures in the Shop are digital, so it's nice to see some live shots. We got all hyped up on cappuccinos and snapped away. I had a few people tell me that the coffee rings around the cups looked dirty, but I insisted on not photoshopping it out because that's the sign of a good cappuccino-- when it's so thick that it sticks to the sides of the cup! Mmmmmm....
Personalized Chevron iPhone Case
iPhone Case with Initial
Customized Moroccan Pattern iPhone Case
Fate intervened with these amazing painted doors. On New Year's Day, I was desperate for a good cappuccino, so I went to my local spot- Hi-Hat (YUM- they do it right!) but it was closed, so I hit Broadway Cafe (equally delish). The place was packed, so I had to park down the street. Coincidentally, I parked right in front of a Moroccan Restaurant I had never noticed before-- and you know how I love all things Moroccan. And check out these doors-- cool, right!? 


  1. I can't find the cases. Are they still available??

  2. Hi Marisa--

    Yep-- cases can be found by clicking "SHOP" above. Or you can also visit www.happyhabitat.wazala.com

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks Karrie, I was still looking on Joss and Main. Silly me! Live these cases. So stinkin cute!


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